Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blogging Assignment Week Two

The first week is officially finished in class, and one thing is for sure; we did a lot of writing. Imagine that. Writing in an English class. Who'd have thought? I'm not a big fan of reading and regurgitating information--or in this case reading essays and then critiquing them. I realize that it is a learning tool, but I have a hard time getting whipped into a verbal or literary frenzy over it.

The exploratory draft was an interesting bit to write. It helped me focus on exactly what I want to write for the research project, and the peer reviews of it so far have already been helpful. They've given me a few more ideas on where to look for useful information, or at the very least ideas on what kind of useful information to include to make the strongest impact.

Now that we're in the second week there is more writing to be done, more essays to read, more regurgitating to complete. I should probably get started. Credit card information won't read itself, and critiques aren't going to write themselves either. Onward!

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