Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Last Day of Class

Assignment: In four to five well written paragraphs, discuss what have you learned as a result of taking this class for the past nine weeks. Reflect on your Writing Assessment from Week 1. Did your performance meet or exceed your expectations? Why or why not? What would you do differently if you were taking this class again? What would you do the same way, and why? Finally, what grade do you think you have earned over the past four weeks?

I always have a hard time writing these type of "evaluations", and tend to dread each time they are given as an assignment. This time really isn't much different. I know that I have learned many things in the last few weeks. Things that I had forgotten, were refreshed, and I even learned things that I'd never previously been taught.

The thing that stands out the most as far as what I learned would have to be the differences between APA and MLA format. Up until this class and our research paper, I'd never known there were different styles. I'd only ever known about MLA. I don't know when or if I'll ever need to use APA format again, but from what I've heard it's used often in classes at National University, so I guess I will see.

I'm pretty sure that I did well in this class. I was worried in the beginning because it has been so many years since I last took an English class, and I figured it I didn't do well in this class, then I might want to look for another focus instead of English as my major. I think I'm okay though.

I did well on the rough draft of my research paper, and I'm hoping that with the changes I made to the final draft that I will do just as well on it. Providing that my research paper receives the same score as my rough draft, I see no reason why I wouldn't manage to keep an A in the class.

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