Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MLK's Letter from Birmingham Jail

In my English class we recent read the letter that Martin Luther King Jr. wrote from the Birmingham Jail in response to the "Call for Unity" written by eight whiteclergymen. We were asked whether or not we thought that the letter could be written as a blog post today. My answer? Yes.

DR. King wrote an emotional and empowering letter filled with his views and beliefs on a situation that was rampant and important in his life. He was honest and detailed in his views and beliefs; calling attention to the details that he felt were important, while still remaining polite and courteous.

His letter was emotional and intellectual, something that is still powerful forty-seven years after he originally penned it. How different is that from what people write on blogs everyday? Everyday people let their fingers do the talking, pouring their hearts, their dreams, their feelings, and their knowledge into blogs. They share their good times, their bad times, and their dreams. They share the things that are important to them, all in the hopes that what they have to say will touch people.

DR. King's letter, though written long before the invent of the blog, still holds the same qualities that are often found in the best written blogs. I think that if DR. King was still alive today, his blogs would reflect much the same emotion and power that his letter did, and that he would have a large following of readers every day.

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